Welcome to Hostal Oriola

Hostel in Mallorca located in Cala San Vicente

Only 4 minutes´ walk away from the beautiful Cala Molins, and 15 by bus to the Port Pollensa, enjoy sunbathing on its white sandy beaches and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea.

What delights does Cala San Vicente hide?

Cala San Vicente is a residential area formed by four different coves,
each of them with special charm and different from each other:

With a history going back 40 years, great experience and the good reputation our client’s word gives us, we offer everyone all of our attention and best quality services.


“Managed by two brothers, the hostel is well looked after but can look a bit out of fashion, to be honest though I prefer this kind of place rather than massive hotels. Pretty, tranquil and just 5 minutes away from the beach. The pool is very well looked after, clean and charming.”
“Not long since we visited the Oriola for the second time and as always, it comes up to our standards. The rooms are very clean. The two brothers are very pleasant and give good service. Breakfast is scrumptious, and all of this at an amazing Price. If you are looking for somewhere welcoming and pleasant then i would recommend the Oriola without a doubt.”

Discover Cala San Vicente

a privileged surrounding


Cala Barques.

This cove has easy access and a parking area at its entrance, and also a small jetty which serves as a reminder to times when fishermen gave life to this cove.

Cala Clara.

Its name was given thanks to its beauty and fineness of its sand which covers the relaxation area for bathers. It has reduced dimensions and not many people know about it, as it´s been hidden between constructions.


Cala Molins.

This is the most accessible cove and has indescribable beauty. its turquoise water and fine sand make it the perfect setting for relaxing in a paradise like setting.

Cala Carbó.

This is the least transited cove, formed by rocks and quite a lot of seagrass. Loved by those who wish to escape from large groups of bathers.

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